Arsenal – cannon revival?

The Premier League new season 2020-2021 is expected to continue Arsenal’s recovery under Mikel Arteta, after winning two consecutive Cups in a month.

The glory – in the FA Cup and then the British Super Cup – looks to be coming sooner than planned for Arteta and Arsenal. But according to the Guardian, the young Spaniard may still have to be more patient to complete the Arsenal rebirth process according to the roadmap he has set. The 2020-2021 season will give Arteta and associates time and the opportunity to do just that.

There are two cases of being “robbed on a streak” that Arsenal must remember. The way Serge Gnabry slipped out of his hand was well known. The young talent that Arsenal brought to Vietnam had a preliminary agreement on a new contract before joining the German Olympic Games in 2016. But instead, he signed with Werder Bremen, and then went to Bayern Munich. to become the current superstar.
In the second case, although there is less evidence to support, Kingsley Coman may also have been a member of Arsenal. Coman left PSG, then he and his agent visited Arsenal’s training ground in 2014. The English team is willing to pay a six-digit compensation fee and a seven-digit salary. But the transfer didn’t take place. Like Gnabry, Coman is also an important factor for this year’s Champions League championship of Bayern.

With all the reviews summing up over the past half-decade, a few relatively small deviations can make Arsenal recent past look completely different. And they need to see these things in order to start the season in a more positive way.
Arteta can thank Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang for his efforts in winning the FA Cup last season. But that feat also reflects the tactics that Arsenal has outperformed.

Inheriting the troubled collective inheritance, Arteta handled the work in varying degrees of weight. Matteo Guendouzi, Mesut Ozil all tasted “tearless discipline”, and no one felt the absence of these two stars. But what made Arteta so admiring was how he persuaded a skeptical Aubameyang to continue to dedicate top form to the “Gunners”.
Granit Xhaka was also persuaded to “transform from reincarnation” from attitude to style in a spectacular fashion. Meanwhile, Willian is expected to be an excellent addition to Arsenal’s forces this season. But be aware, this three-year contract, before nodding, admits to being fascinated by Arteta’s plans.
Arteta seems to have a strange ability to entice others on the same journey. Aubameyang’s prowess at Wembley ensured Arsenal under Arteta won a major title earlier than expected. And this season will tell, with Arteta, Arsenal will return to the modern “Super Cannon”, or still the old “Goddess”.