Liverpool fans celebrate the outrageous championship: The government is hot and about to pay dearly

Jurgen Klopp‘s teachers and students are miserable because … Liverpool fans are too excited with the championship of the home team. After 30 years of waiting, Liverpool has finally won the championship in the highest division of England. Jurgen Klopp’s army had an extremely impressive season and won the championship seven rounds soon after Man […]

As soon as he left, Rooney once advised MU to sign a contract with one person

Top scorer in history Reds recall the Senegal interception midfielder for the former club.Rooney returned to EvertonWayne Rooney started his career at Everton before moving to United in 2004. At Old Trafford, the striker won 16 major titles including 5 Premier League and 1 Champions League. Rooney returned to Everton on a free transfer in […]

The England legend points out the only Premier League club suitable for Mbappe

The France international is often associated with transfer rumors and has been supported by his seniors to play in England.Mbappe has an open careerBefore coming to Paris Saint-Germain, Kylian Mbappe was contacted by big English clubs including Liverpool. Currently, when not agreeing to extend the contract to only two years with the French capital club, […]

Premier League plans to return: Players will have a decisive say

Premier League will have 92 more games to finish. As expected, this tournament will return in mid-June, on neutral ground, without the spectators. And the players will practice focusing again in mid-May.The decision of the playerFor the season to restart, the meeting will need 14/20 votes. UK experts said six teams ranked at the bottom […]

Football tournament with a 60-year history of England risk being “wiped out”

The League Cup, also known as the Carabao Cup, is one of the oldest leagues in the country with nearly 60 years of organization. The first British League Cup was held in the 1960/61 season. This tournament is only after the FA Cup age (1871/1872). Liverpool is the most successful team in the English League […]