On September 1, 2013, Real Madrid announced that it had reached a transfer agreement with Bale at a world record price of 100.8 million euros (£ 85.1 million). At that time, he was the best player in the Premier League and the Tottenham shirt became cramped with the Welsh star.

After 7 years, Bale returned to his old roof at the age of 31. His luggage was a huge collection of titles and dull years in Madrid. Bale is no longer the best player in the world as before and his speed and skills have been greatly worn away.

After a few days with Real Madrid, Bale finally decided to return to Tottenham to hope to revive his bad career. Returning to the old place can be a beautiful dream for both sides. But it all turned into a terrifying nightmare. Expected a lot, but had to wait until exactly 1 month to recover from injury, Bale had his first appearance for Tottenham. But this 1-month period is insignificant compared to the 7 years and 152 days since he last put on the Rooster’s jersey (May 2013).

And the scene when Bale comes on the field is said to be extremely convenient for him to complete a beautiful dream. Tottenham then led West Ham to 3 goals and the clock was only in the 72nd minute. Coach Jose Mourinho prepared an offer that could not be better for his beloved student.
But perhaps he did not expect this to be a very wrong decision. “The special one” had stabbed the knife with his own hands as well as into Bale’s chest. Just 10 minutes after Bale came on, Tottenham conceded the first goal. 3 minutes later, Rooster had to receive the second goal by midfielder Davinson Sanchez. And the closing tragedy could not be more bitter when Manuel Lanzini scored 3-3 in the 90 ‘+ 4 minute.
Mourinho was dumbfounded outside the field while the Tottenham players did not understand what happened. They led the opponent to 3-0 after only 16 minutes of rolling and lost 3 goals in the last 12 minutes including compensations. After entering the field, Bale proved not to adapt to the play style of Harry Kane and Son Heung-min. This is also understandable because the Welsh striker has only returned to Tottenham for 1 month.

The 31-year-old’s entry into the field accidentally opened the door of hope for West Ham and the visitors had made good use of this. Bale’s defensive involvement was neither as good nor as active as Steven Bergwijn, who came out to make room for him.
Therefore, the two players on the left edge of West Ham, Masuaku and Cresswell, are much more “free” to cross the ball. Balbuena’s goal to shorten the score to 1-3 from a Cresswell cross.
After that, Bale also partly proved his ability with a high-speed breakthrough in the middle of the 4 West Ham players. Unfortunately, this player’s finishing shot was a bit hasty and the ball went out.
Without high pressing pressure, the Tottenham defense reveals big holes. The next 2 goals of the visitors were somewhat fortunate because one was an own goal and the other was a shot from outside the box at the last minute. However, it is undeniable that the problem mainly comes from Tottenham’s ability to defend remotely.