MU & Maguire’s worst match

End of 2020, MU now has a great opportunity to compete for the Premier League title with Liverpool. Even with a 2-1 victory over Aston Villa, “Red Devils” are now equal points and equal to the match with the defending champions.

Even so, “Red Devils” still have quiet signs that make fans disappointed when looking back on their journey. Tottenham 1-6 defeat at Old Trafford is probably the saddest MU in the past year. And it was commented by the Manchester Evening News as the worst performance of 2020.

The key to MU’s tragic defeat against Tottenham in the 4th round of the Premier League was because Anthony Martial’s red card in the 28th minute. Everyone understood that the French striker had fallen into Eric Lamela’s trap, and Many people believe that the player on the Tottenham side also deserves to be sent off.

Marcus Rashford is one of them. The Daily Mail published a video recording the conversation between two MU players, Harry Maguire and Marcus Rashford about this situation. The strange thing is that while Rashford requested a similar red card for Lamela, captain MU did not think so.

“No card for that elbow?” Rashford was angry at Lamela’s action against Martial. A few seconds later, referee Anthony Taylor walked over to Lamela and drew a yellow card. Rashford continued: “Why is it a yellow card, the situation is the same”.

Only then did Harry Maguire interject: “It was not violence, they checked it out.” Rashford replied: “He hit Martial’s elbow”. Maguire replied: “They have already checked and determined not.” Rashford disapproved: “How, not. How?”.

Obviously, Rashford felt unfairly, as Lamela continued to be on the pitch while his teammates had to be sent off. However, Maguire seemed satisfied and believed the referee’s decision after they watched the video footage of the situation. And this caused Maguire to lose a serious point in the eyes of MU fans.

Maguire must hand over the captaincy in the new year?

Remember in the Tottenham 1-6 defeat, Harry Maguire is one of the worst players of MU. Even, the Whoscored page scored 4.4 for the performance of the captain “Red Devils”, and this is the lowest score among 28 players.

It was the British midfielder who made a direct mistake, leading to the goal of “Red Devils” in the 4th minute. If there was no such mistake, it is unlikely that MU would have fallen into the opponent’s trap because the home team was who opened the score in the second minute. And then, it was unlikely that Martial would lose his temper and fall into Lamela’s trap.

On many social networking forums, MU fans hope that in 2021, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will hand the captain of the “Red Devils” to Bruno Fernandes. What the Portuguese midfielder has shown shows that he deserves the ice that legends like Bryan Robson, Eric Cantona, Gary Neville or Nemanja Vidic have shown in the past.

Now, Bruno Fernandes is not only the soul in the gameplay and also in the spiritual aspect of MU. Many people believe that the Portuguese midfielder now represents the fighting spirit and ambition of the “Red Devils”, not Maguire. And if Bruno Fernandes keeps maintaining the current form and influence, perhaps sooner or later this player will also become the next leader in the “Theater of Dreams”.

Remember in the match against Aston Villa last, it was still Bruno Fernandes who scored the decisive goal, bringing the victory for “Red Devils”. By the end of round 17, Bruno Fernandes had 11 goals and 7 assists in the Premier League this season, becoming one of the most effective players in the tournament.