The 35th round of the Premier League saw crazy things in the top 4. race. Both Chelsea and Leicester were judged to have a great chance to win but both lost heavily.

Chelsea lost 3-3 at Sheffield United. And with just points against Bournemouth, Leicester will return to the familiar third place in the English Premier League. “Foxes” started the match perfectly, with the goal opening in the 23rd minute thanks to Jamie Vardy.

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But the second half with unexpected developments completely changed the course of the match. It originated from the goal kick of goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel in the 64th minute and Leicester conceded 4 goals in a row. Losing 1-4, Leicester not only does not surpass Chelsea but is in danger of falling out of the top 4 tonight.
In the Premier League rankings, Chelsea temporarily still ranked third with 60 points. Leicester followed with 59 points, while MU ranked fifth with 58 points. However, this ranking will have a significant change if MU wins Southampton in the match that takes place at 2h on 14/7. In case MU wins Southampton, “Reds” from the fifth will jump up 2 steps to third, replacing Chelsea and knocking Leicester out of the top 4.
If MU only draws Southampton, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team is still outside the top 4. They will have the same 59 points as Leicester but are inferior indifference, and 1 point behind Chelsea. The order in the top 4 races will not change with this case or MU lost to Southampton.

Rực lửa BXH Ngoại hạng Anh: Leicester thua thảm, MU vào top 3 đêm nay? - 2

With the above developments, the top 4 Premier League race this season promises to be attractive until the final round. in round 38, MU as a guest on Leicester’s own field Therefore, everything became even more unpredictable.