The League Cup, also known as the Carabao Cup, is one of the oldest leagues in the country with nearly 60 years of organization. The first British League Cup was held in the 1960/61 season. This tournament is only after the FA Cup age (1871/1872). Liverpool is the most successful team in the English League Cup with 8 championships.

According to the Daily Mail, the FA is planning to completely abolish the League Cup right after this season to redefine football leagues. The biggest reason is because of the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic in the 2019/20 season, causing the tournaments to be postponed.

According to calculations, most likely when football is back in England, the tournament will end in September. Soon after that the teams will also have to prepare to enter the new season. This will also seriously affect the teams when the playing time is much longer and the frequency is much thicker.

This season, the English League Cup is a rare tournament that ended completely with the championship belonging to Man City. In the final, Man City defeated Aston Villa 2-1 with a third consecutive year of winning the championship.

However, this season is likely to be the last time the League Cup will be held as the FA is planning to rebuild football tournaments after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Specifically, the FA is considering the possibility that the Premier League cannot continue the season. Meanwhile, the important positions such as champions, European Cup and relegation will be considered according to the rankings at the time the tournament is suspended. The FA are studying that they will not allow any team in the Premier League to relegate to the First Division next season, while the three teams from the First Division will still win the promotion. Meanwhile, the top league in England will have 23 competing teams.

In that case, the season will last up to 44 rounds and of course the schedule will be longer. To facilitate the prospect of 44 Premier League English Premier League, FA plans to “death” Cup of England. If this happens, the teams probably won’t protest too much because the League Cup is always considered a not so important tournament in England.

The first League Cup was held from the 1960-1961 season. Liverpool is the most successful team in this arena with 8 championships.