After Liverpool and Man City, the last two names in the top 4 of the Premier League and tickets to the Champions League next season have been identified.
Round 38 of the Premier League took place with extremely unpredictable scenarios. Apart from Liverpool and Man City, who were firmly in the top two positions, the three teams behind MU, Chelsea, and Leicester all spent 90 minutes as strings to win the remaining 2 tickets to the Champions League season. after.
At home, having to welcome the sixth-ranked team Wolves, Chelsea has encountered many difficulties in full time. However, with the level of the big man, Frank Lampard’s teachers and students have achieved what they need when defeating the opponent with a score of 2-0.


In the same game between Leicester and MU, both gave 90 attractive minutes to suffocate. Leicester did not play badly but a bit of luck helped MU is the last fun team. 3 points on the foreign land, MU finished 3rd place and officially got tickets to the Champions League next season.


4 Premier League teams have tickets to the Champions League: Liverpool, Man City, MU, Chelsea.