Jurgen Klopp‘s teachers and students are miserable because … Liverpool fans are too excited with the championship of the home team.

After 30 years of waiting, Liverpool has finally won the championship in the highest division of England. Jurgen Klopp’s army had an extremely impressive season and won the championship seven rounds soon after Man City lost to Chelsea in the 31st round.

CĐV Liverpool ăn mừng vô địch quá khích: Chính quyền nóng mặt, sắp trả giá đắt - 1

The joy of Liverpool fans is indescribable. They disregarded the rules of social spacing and gathered to celebrate all the way in the city of Liverpool. However, this enthusiasm is creating trouble for the Anfield team.
According to local authorities, a 19-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of launching fireworks into the Liver Buiding building causing fire and damage of about $ 10,000. The square in front of this building became a “sea of ​​rubbish” after the celebration of Liverpool fans.
A lot of incidents happened and according to police chief Andy Cooke, about 15 people were arrested for their actions. The authorities had to issue an order to dismiss but it was not effective.
“Thousands of people showed up at the pier in the Pier Head area and chose to ignore the health, safety of themselves, and the community. The city is still suffering from a medical crisis so this is unacceptable behavior ”. The official Liverpool City notice clearly indicates dissatisfaction.

CĐV Liverpool ăn mừng vô địch quá khích: Chính quyền nóng mặt, sắp trả giá đắt - 2

But more importantly, this situation can continue to happen when Liverpool have lifted the trophy at Anfield in the 37th round. That could become the “disaster” of the city and ruining any distance efforts. Society has been established since the beginning of April.
Therefore, according to the British newspaper The Sun, Liverpool’s Covid-19 safety advisory committee is considering withdrawing the license to organize the match of Anfield and transfer the remaining Liverpool home games this season to the neutral yard. It is not just a simple threat because everyone sees the enthusiasm of Liverpool fans.
If not lifted the trophy at Anfield will be extremely unfortunate for Liverpool. However, everything was beyond the capabilities of Jurgen Klopp’s teachers and students.