Sadio Mane shone with a brace for Liverpool, in just four minutes. One came from a sharp coordination situation, a wrong punishment goal by goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga. Two goals were scored when Chelsea played with 10 people, red carded midfielder Andreas Christensen and disqualified at the end of the first half.

Balanced stance until the red card. The first chance came to Liverpool in the 14th minute, from the situation of the ball. Goalkeeper Kepa rushed out unreasonably, overtaken by Salah and stretched. Midfielder Christensen promptly returned to block Firmino’s kick.
On the Chelsea side, striker Timo Werner played aggressively when repeatedly confronted Fabinho – the midfield player in this match. In the 33rd minute, Werner overcame Fabinho to go close to the penalty area. Instead of leaving Marcos Alonso in an empty posture, Werner shot with his left foot to miss the post. If the ball is headed to the goal, goalkeeper Alisson can also catch.
The turning point appeared at the end of the first half. Receiving the ball from home field, captain Jordan Henderson swung up to let Mane down. The ball fell into the space between the two Chelsea midfielders, creating the opportunity to face the goalkeeper for Mane. Christensen followed and hugged the culprit from behind. Referee Paul Tierney initially showed Christensen the yellow card. After watching the slow motion tape, he switched to the live red card.

Playing more than people, Liverpool encroached on the field during the second half. Coach Jurgen Klopp sends rookie Thiago Alcantara to take Henderson’s place. Without Thiago making a mark, Liverpool opened the score thanks to the trio of Mohamed Salah, Mane and Firmino. Firmino sparked the ball when he turned on the wall with Salah and then escaped to the right. The Brazilian striker crossed the ball for Mane to hit the head to cut the face to the far corner, knocking Kepa in the 50th minute.
Four minutes later, Kepa made a serious mistake when Mane cut a pass in the penalty area. The Senegal striker easily cushioned the ball in the net, punishing the Chelsea goalkeeper mistake.

Chelsea suddenly rekindled hope to earn points, when Werner was fouled by Thiago in the Liverpool penalty area in the 73rd minute. Midfielder Jorginho took a familiar ‘flute jump’ free kick, but was caught by goalkeeper Alisson. Alisson waited for Jorginho to kick, then fell over and pushed the ball out. Jorginho was blocked for the first time, and the rare time Alisson got it.
In the remaining minutes, Liverpool did not stop shooting the goal but failed to score. Kepa atoned for an error in the compensation kick when falling over the ball to prevent Mane from scoring a hat-trick. He also blocked Salah’s shot in the last seconds. The ball bounced out to Gini Wijnaldum, but the Dutch midfielder was startled and could not get the ball into the net.