Coach Mourinho even went straight into the tunnel after the moment Callum Wilson finished putting Hugo Lloris from the penalty spot in the 90 + 6 minute. It is a controversial penalty blow situation from the referee as well as from the VAR team. Many believe that Mourinho will have a lot to complain about after the game.

Finally, the Portuguese strategist spoke up.
“The restricted area is the most important place and we have worked hard to protect it. In the end, we still ran into a controversial situation and lost 2 points. I will not comment on a single statement. But if I have to spend money, I would rather go to charity than spend it for the Federation (FA). As for the ball yesterday, I will not say another word! “.

Mourinho’s statements were recorded by Sky sports after the game. The Tottenham captain refused to talk about the controversial penalty, but did not forget to give the FA’s sarcasm.

In the match where Tottenham should have had 3 points, Mourinho’s team played on their feet and completely took the initiative in front of the visitors.Even before the stoppage-time penalty, Newcastle did not have a significant finish. about Hugo Lloris’s goal.

Finally, the situation of Eric Dier’s hand contact after an aerial dispute with Andy Carroll caused Rooster to receive a penalty. It was a situation where Eric Dier was passive while landing from the air, and the ball touched his hand from behind this player. Before that, Carroll’s offside situation also caused VAR to enter. But in the end the decision was still taken as a penalty for Newcastle.
“I thought about what the players were doing in this match. They did well. It’s just a pity that we couldn’t get more goals because the Newcastle goalkeeper was focused. We keep controlling the game. In the second half, finally the penalty came. It’s a pity that Tottenham could not keep winning “- Coach Mourinho continued to share.
With this draw, Tottenham had 4 points after 3 matches. Temporarily ranked x on the Premier League chart. This week continues to be a busy week with Mourinho’s students as they clash with Chelsea in the League Cup Tuesday morning, and go on to kick off the Europa League play-off on Thursday morning. .