The “nail” match of the 4th round of the Premier League suddenly became a nightmare for the Red Devils, since the 28th minute red card of Anthony Martial. Whatever the reason, the fact that MU had to receive a humiliating defeat, accompanied by a series of unforgettable milestones.
Specifically, up to 5 milestones made in this match belong to MU or to MU.
First, this is the third time MU has conceded 6 times in a match at the NHA. 2 times ago in 1996 (Lost to Southampton 6-3) and in 2011 (Lost by Man City 6-1).
Next, this is the first time in 30 years that MU conceded 4 goals after the first half of a match in the highest tournament in England. Even the last time MU had to receive this sad ending (in 1990), the Premier League was not born. (The UK’s top division championship has officially been called the Premier League since 1992).
Since 1972, this is the first time MU has conceded at least 2 goals in all three matches at the beginning of the season. It was in a 1-3 defeat against Crystal Palace, a 4-3 win over Brighton and the latest defeat against Tottenham.

Martial individual also went into MU history as the player who had to receive the earliest red card in a Premier League match (28 minutes)
As for Tottenham, they also have a record when they become the first away team to score 4 goals against MU in the second half of the match. The last time a team did this happened in 1957 and coincidentally it was Tottenham. That year, the London representative fired the Reds 4-3 to complete a dramatic 4-3 victory.
The fourth round of the Premier League also saw another result that people had to mention more, that was Liverpool’s 2-7 defeat against Aston Villa. This match takes place right after the “tennis set” that Tottenham for the Red Devils.
After a round with many special results, the Premier League and a series of European tournaments will take a two-week break to make room for the gathering of national teams.

In the next round (will return on October 17), MU will have a trip to Newcastle’s field – the team is ranked 7 places above them on the Premier League table.