On his personal Instagram on September 4, striker Alexis Sanchez revealed that he wanted to cancel his contract with Man Utd right after the first training session.
“Today I want to talk about Man Utd, about information that makes me look like a bad guy,” Sanchez said. “I reached an agreement with Man City, but the deal broke down, so I went to Man Utd. They made an interesting offer for me. I also liked Man Utd since childhood. I signed a contract without knowing what. After the first few days with my teammates, I realized the mistake. Right after the first training session, I went home and called my agent, asking if I could cancel my contract with Man. Utd to return to Arsenal no “.

“They laughed. Then I said: ‘Something’s wrong’. But I signed a contract. A few months later, I felt Man Utd was not a united team. Reporters and former players criticized that.” They don’t understand the teamwork They criticize the individuals, while Man Utd is not like a family When they need to blame someone they always aim at me Sometimes I only play 20 minutes, but the team loses It’s still me. Of course I blame myself for being able to do better in the few minutes, “said the Chilean striker.

Sanchez moved from Barca to Arsenal in 2014. In four years at the Emirates Stadium, he scored 60 goals in more than 120 Premier League games. Not winning major honors, but his fiery, mischievous and technical play style is appreciated. That is why in January 2018 Man Utd changed midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan to bring him back to Old Trafford with a weekly salary of $ 650,000 and the number 7 shirt once belonged to Eric Cantona, David Beckham or Cristiano Ronaldo. However, after a season and a half there, he only scored five goals in all competitions and early in the 2019-2020 season he was loaned to Inter.

“Then I struggled with the trauma. Reporters and former players blame me again. They say baseless things. Gradually I no longer feel happy. There was a match against West Ham, and I wasn’t even registered. It hurts me, because I have never been like that. From a top top player in the Premier League, I can’t play. I could not believe it. I’m sad and angry, and then go home. The next day I went to practice twice a day, because playing football is always fun, “he added.
After a season at Inter, Sanchez was accepted by Man Utd for free to play for the Italian team. This saves them $ 71 million in wages for the remaining two years on the contract. Before that, Man Utd averaged $ 26 million for each goal of the Chilean striker.
“At the end of the season, Man Utd had a new coach. I told him to let me go to Inter to enjoy the new atmosphere. He replied: ‘Okay, don’t worry’. Then I go for real”, striker 31 age added. “I just wanted to say thank you Man Utd for giving me the chance to play under their shirt. I’m upset that the time was not going well. If we behaved like a family we could have solved the problem. The reporter and former player did not expect their words to affect me. I have not said that until now. I regret not being able to bring victories and titles back to the fans.