Perhaps, this is not a question of the writer’s own, but of the general football fans (including Man Utd fans). Commenting on BT Sport, the legend of Man Utd, Rio Ferdinand emphasized: “Man Utd under Solskjaer only plays well when they need to”.

Victory over Man Utd at Goodison Park in the Premier League comes at a time when many people have prepared mentally about the possibility that coach Solskjaer will be fired. Even the British press reported that the Red Devils leadership secretly contacted Coach Pochettino to take over the hot seat.

However, the door at Old Trafford has not been closed for Solsa, at least until now. Victory over Everton was really like a buoy for the Norwegian coach to hold on to the storm, it made the pressure on his shoulders somewhat relieve. Perhaps, coach Solskjaer can still “put a pillow to sleep” until the end of this month.

Of course, the last victory only meant temporary because doubts about Solskjaer were still there. As Rio Ferdinand insisted: “Solskjaer should thank Bruno Fernandes because he will help him stay at peace for a while”.

Indeed, it was Bruno Fernandes who threw the buoy to save Solskjaer. If in the match against Istanbul Basaksehir, how badly was the Portuguese conductor, when he went to the match against Everton, he would shine more brightly. It’s like a compensation to the fans!

However, like many previous questions, will Bruno Fernandes shine forever to carry Man Utd? There is a common point in the two matches between Arsenal and Istanbul Basaksehir, that is that Bruno Fernandes is being so close to him, making him unable to show himself (even making mistakes) in the context of satellites unable to support.

Going to the match against Everton, it was clear that Bruno Fernandes had a lot more land in the context of Everton’s midfield playing poorly. Partly because coach Solskjaer returned to using a 4-2-3-1 scheme with two scanners, Fred and McTominay. Therefore, the star born in 1994 is allowed to play more freely. Therefore, many times Bruno Fernandes has appeared in the opponent’s penalty area.

Saying that because the brilliance of Bruno Fernandes can not guarantee the future of coach Solskjaer. Instead, if we meet opponents who actively “catch and die” Bruno Fernandes like Arsenal or Istanbul Basaksehir, Man Utd’s problem will be revealed.

Another commendable thing of Man Utd lies in the spirit of the game. After two consecutive defeats, plus having to play with a very thick density (only less than 2 days to prepare for the match against Everton), Man Utd played incredibly enthusiastically. Affordable, they still do not want to break up with the Norwegian teacher?

Just like Rio Ferdinand said, Man Utd only really plays well when it comes to the end. This is not the first time, they “save” coach Solskjaer in such a way. Last December, the Red Devils played so badly when they only won 4 victories after the first 14 rounds. At that time, Solskjaer welcomed Tottenham at Old Trafford with a suspended “death sentence”. And then, he got out with a 2-1 win.

Please conclude the article with the comment of the author Enis Keynu on Eurosports: “Coach Solskjaer connecting the personalities in the dressing room of Man Utd only brings temporary stability, not towards improvement. Because of that, he could help the club stabilize after coach Mourinho was fired, but could not help Man Utd advance.
There have been no mutations since the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson, even worse under Solskjaer coach. If you want to improve, Man Utd needs to cut off early with coach Solskjaer, even after winning Everton. They can’t stay in such a vicious circle