This morning, all attention in the land of the fog is on Wembley, where the FA Cup semi-final between Chelsea and Manchester United takes place.
The score opened to the Blues at the end of the first half, after the situation of cutting off Olivier Giroud’s finish. After the break, the West London representative continued to get another goal. Taking advantage of a mistake by Brandon Williams, Mason Mount takes a shot down David De Gea.
In the 74th minute, De Gea had to pick up the ball for the third time, after an own goal from captain Harry Maguire. In the remaining time, the Reds only scored 1 goal from Bruno Fernandes’s penalty shot. Losing 1-3, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s teachers and pity were eliminated.

Frank Lampard ordered Mason Mount to change his shooting style before David De Gea’s error in Chelsea’s win over Manchester United   - Bóng Đá

After the match, De Gea was subjected to criticism for failing to prevent the second goal. When asked if he had special instructions to students to exploit the unstable form of United, coach Frank Lampard answered. Metro: “That’s not it. Because I have great respect for De Gea as a goalkeeper.”
“I know people are strict and will always look at goalkeepers when they make a mistake, but all I told Mason [Mount] during the break was that I wanted to see him shoot harder. In the first half. “Mason tried to curl the ball. For me outside the box in front of the top like De Gea, you have to shoot straight through them.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer ký hợp đồng 3 năm với Man Utd

Of course, De Gea didn’t block the glare and the ball into the net, maybe a mistake, but my job is to pay more attention to my players. With Mason, I just want him to shoot more. Luckily 3 minutes after I said that, he scored. “