Liverpool won at Chelsea

Sadio Mane shone with a brace for Liverpool, in just four minutes. One came from a sharp coordination situation, a wrong punishment goal by goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga. Two goals were scored when Chelsea played with 10 people, red carded midfielder Andreas Christensen and disqualified at the end of the first half.

Balanced stance until the red card. The first chance came to Liverpool in the 14th minute, from the situation of the ball. Goalkeeper Kepa rushed out unreasonably, overtaken by Salah and stretched. Midfielder Christensen promptly returned to block Firmino’s kick.
On the Chelsea side, striker Timo Werner played aggressively when repeatedly confronted Fabinho – the midfield player in this match. In the 33rd minute, Werner overcame Fabinho to go close to the penalty area. Instead of leaving Marcos Alonso in an empty posture, Werner shot with his left foot to miss the post. If the ball is headed to the goal, goalkeeper Alisson can also catch.
The turning point appeared at the end of the first half. Receiving the ball from home field, captain Jordan Henderson swung up to let Mane down. The ball fell into the space between the two Chelsea midfielders, creating the opportunity to face the goalkeeper for Mane. Christensen followed and hugged the culprit from behind. Referee Paul Tierney initially showed Christensen the yellow card. After watching the slow motion tape, he switched to the live red card.

Playing more than people, Liverpool encroached on the field during the second half. Coach Jurgen Klopp sends rookie Thiago Alcantara to take Henderson’s place. Without Thiago making a mark, Liverpool opened the score thanks to the trio of Mohamed Salah, Mane and Firmino. Firmino sparked the ball when he turned on the wall with Salah and then escaped to the right. The Brazilian striker crossed the ball for Mane to hit the head to cut the face to the far corner, knocking Kepa in the 50th minute.
Four minutes later, Kepa made a serious mistake when Mane cut a pass in the penalty area. The Senegal striker easily cushioned the ball in the net, punishing the Chelsea goalkeeper mistake.

Chelsea suddenly rekindled hope to earn points, when Werner was fouled by Thiago in the Liverpool penalty area in the 73rd minute. Midfielder Jorginho took a familiar ‘flute jump’ free kick, but was caught by goalkeeper Alisson. Alisson waited for Jorginho to kick, then fell over and pushed the ball out. Jorginho was blocked for the first time, and the rare time Alisson got it.
In the remaining minutes, Liverpool did not stop shooting the goal but failed to score. Kepa atoned for an error in the compensation kick when falling over the ball to prevent Mane from scoring a hat-trick. He also blocked Salah’s shot in the last seconds. The ball bounced out to Gini Wijnaldum, but the Dutch midfielder was startled and could not get the ball into the net.

Arsenal – cannon revival?

The Premier League new season 2020-2021 is expected to continue Arsenal’s recovery under Mikel Arteta, after winning two consecutive Cups in a month.

The glory – in the FA Cup and then the British Super Cup – looks to be coming sooner than planned for Arteta and Arsenal. But according to the Guardian, the young Spaniard may still have to be more patient to complete the Arsenal rebirth process according to the roadmap he has set. The 2020-2021 season will give Arteta and associates time and the opportunity to do just that.

There are two cases of being “robbed on a streak” that Arsenal must remember. The way Serge Gnabry slipped out of his hand was well known. The young talent that Arsenal brought to Vietnam had a preliminary agreement on a new contract before joining the German Olympic Games in 2016. But instead, he signed with Werder Bremen, and then went to Bayern Munich. to become the current superstar.
In the second case, although there is less evidence to support, Kingsley Coman may also have been a member of Arsenal. Coman left PSG, then he and his agent visited Arsenal’s training ground in 2014. The English team is willing to pay a six-digit compensation fee and a seven-digit salary. But the transfer didn’t take place. Like Gnabry, Coman is also an important factor for this year’s Champions League championship of Bayern.

With all the reviews summing up over the past half-decade, a few relatively small deviations can make Arsenal recent past look completely different. And they need to see these things in order to start the season in a more positive way.
Arteta can thank Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang for his efforts in winning the FA Cup last season. But that feat also reflects the tactics that Arsenal has outperformed.

Inheriting the troubled collective inheritance, Arteta handled the work in varying degrees of weight. Matteo Guendouzi, Mesut Ozil all tasted “tearless discipline”, and no one felt the absence of these two stars. But what made Arteta so admiring was how he persuaded a skeptical Aubameyang to continue to dedicate top form to the “Gunners”.
Granit Xhaka was also persuaded to “transform from reincarnation” from attitude to style in a spectacular fashion. Meanwhile, Willian is expected to be an excellent addition to Arsenal’s forces this season. But be aware, this three-year contract, before nodding, admits to being fascinated by Arteta’s plans.
Arteta seems to have a strange ability to entice others on the same journey. Aubameyang’s prowess at Wembley ensured Arsenal under Arteta won a major title earlier than expected. And this season will tell, with Arteta, Arsenal will return to the modern “Super Cannon”, or still the old “Goddess”.

Sanchez: ‘Man Utd is not like a family’

On his personal Instagram on September 4, striker Alexis Sanchez revealed that he wanted to cancel his contract with Man Utd right after the first training session.
“Today I want to talk about Man Utd, about information that makes me look like a bad guy,” Sanchez said. “I reached an agreement with Man City, but the deal broke down, so I went to Man Utd. They made an interesting offer for me. I also liked Man Utd since childhood. I signed a contract without knowing what. After the first few days with my teammates, I realized the mistake. Right after the first training session, I went home and called my agent, asking if I could cancel my contract with Man. Utd to return to Arsenal no “.

“They laughed. Then I said: ‘Something’s wrong’. But I signed a contract. A few months later, I felt Man Utd was not a united team. Reporters and former players criticized that.” They don’t understand the teamwork They criticize the individuals, while Man Utd is not like a family When they need to blame someone they always aim at me Sometimes I only play 20 minutes, but the team loses It’s still me. Of course I blame myself for being able to do better in the few minutes, “said the Chilean striker.

Sanchez moved from Barca to Arsenal in 2014. In four years at the Emirates Stadium, he scored 60 goals in more than 120 Premier League games. Not winning major honors, but his fiery, mischievous and technical play style is appreciated. That is why in January 2018 Man Utd changed midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan to bring him back to Old Trafford with a weekly salary of $ 650,000 and the number 7 shirt once belonged to Eric Cantona, David Beckham or Cristiano Ronaldo. However, after a season and a half there, he only scored five goals in all competitions and early in the 2019-2020 season he was loaned to Inter.

“Then I struggled with the trauma. Reporters and former players blame me again. They say baseless things. Gradually I no longer feel happy. There was a match against West Ham, and I wasn’t even registered. It hurts me, because I have never been like that. From a top top player in the Premier League, I can’t play. I could not believe it. I’m sad and angry, and then go home. The next day I went to practice twice a day, because playing football is always fun, “he added.
After a season at Inter, Sanchez was accepted by Man Utd for free to play for the Italian team. This saves them $ 71 million in wages for the remaining two years on the contract. Before that, Man Utd averaged $ 26 million for each goal of the Chilean striker.
“At the end of the season, Man Utd had a new coach. I told him to let me go to Inter to enjoy the new atmosphere. He replied: ‘Okay, don’t worry’. Then I go for real”, striker 31 age added. “I just wanted to say thank you Man Utd for giving me the chance to play under their shirt. I’m upset that the time was not going well. If we behaved like a family we could have solved the problem. The reporter and former player did not expect their words to affect me. I have not said that until now. I regret not being able to bring victories and titles back to the fans.

When will the Premier League, C1 Cup, and La Liga start?

The teams will only have a few days off before returning to peak football in early September this year, promising a challenging 2020/21 season also very attractive and dramatic.

Premier League
“The most attractive tournament on the planet” recently officially announced the schedule of the 2020/21 season. The Premier League will start on September 12 (Vietnam time) and is expected to end on May 23, 2021.

On the first day of the season, the Premier League will open with 6 fiery matches with the participation of giants like Liverpool, Tottenham or Arsenal.

La Liga
According to information from Marca, the organizers of La Liga (LFP) have finished the schedule for the 2020/21 season. Once approved by the Spanish Football Federation (RFFF) and the Professional Footballers Association (AFE), the specific schedule will be announced.
Like the Premier League, La Liga is scheduled to start on September 12 and end on May 23, 2021.
Serie A
With the end quite late, the Italian National Championship will also start after the Premier League and La Liga. The opening date of the first matches in Serie A 2020/21 is September 19, 2020 and ends on May 23, 2021.

The Bundesliga
The Bundesliga organizers have officially announced the schedule for the 2020/21 season. The first round will kick off on September 19, 2020 and the last round will be on May 22, 2021.
The highlight match of the first round was a meeting between defending champions Bayern Munich and Schalke 04.
Ligue 1
As usual, Ligue 1 is the earliest of the five top national leagues in Europe. In addition to PSG to attend the Champions League final, the first round was almost completed after starting on August 21.
Champions League and Europa League
The two leagues under the UEFA system are expected to begin the group stage after the qualifiers have ended.
Europa League will start the first match on October 22, 2020, the final will take place on May 22, 2021. Meanwhile, the Champions League kicked off from October 20, 2020 and lowered the curtain on June 29, 2021.
Estimated schedule:

  • Premier League: September 12, 2020 – May 23, 2021
  • La Liga: September 12, 2020 – May 23, 2021
  • Serie A: September 19, 2020 – May 23, 2021
  • Bundesliga: September 18, 2020 – May 22, 2021
    Champions League: October 20, 2020 – May 29, 2021
  • Europa League: October 22, 2020 – May 26, 2021
  • This is the scheduled fixture at the moment, subject to change according to the circumstances of each tournament.

Arteta and Edu assumed all purchasing power

Arsenal transfer news today August 17, 2020: According to the British press, the ‘Gunners’ latest movement is considered a historic ‘transfer’ when empowering Coach Arteta and Technical Director Edu.

Arsenal giao toàn quyền chuyên môn và chuyển nhượng cho bộ đôi HLV Arteta (phải) và Giám đốc kỹ thuật Edu /// AFP

Arsenal has just made a change in the top floor that caused a lot of attention, which is firing the head of the transfer, Mr. Raul Sanllehi, and at the same time bringing Mr. Vinai Venkatesham to the General Manager of the team.
However, in terms of expertise including being responsible for the first team and in charge of transfer, Mr. Vinai Venkatesham gives full authority to the “duo” of head coach Mikel Arteta and technical director, former football player Edu.
This change helps coach Arteta and Edu fully take the initiative in implementing Arsenal’s team reform project, including short, medium and long-term plans when transferring and purchasing players.
Since the end of the Premier League and Arsenal won the FA Cup, Coach Arteta has urged the team leaders to take urgent action such as selling off excess players to collect funds to buy new players, but all being yoke back for nearly a month.
Meanwhile, Mr. Raul Sanllehi – who worked at the leadership of Barcelona club – was investigated by Arsenal in the purchase of midfielder Nicolas Pepe for a record price (£ 72 million) has been ambiguous. Although he has not announced the results of the investigation, he recently left as one of the 55 staff members of the club to save about £ 3 million, as well as save about 1 salary.

Tin chuyển nhượng Arsenal hôm nay: Arteta và Edu nắm mọi quyền hành mua sắm - ảnh 1

According to Mr. Vinai Venkatesham: “We are impatient after what happened recently when Arsenal declined, unable to compete for the Premier League title nor in the Champions League. Everyone saw, with the stature of the club being disputed at these schools. Therefore, we must act quickly, quickly and decisively to bring Arsenal back to these competitions soon.
With Arteta and Edu, we have a dynamic coach, a specialist in player evaluation. They will be a formidable team. We give them all the power to decide the expertise of the team.
Of course, above them there are me and the Board of Directors. But they are experts in the field, they have a clear plan to rebuild the team and convince people. So we started to work right away in the transfer window that is taking place

Paul Merson said pessimistically about the rookie of Man City

After being left behind by Liverpool on the 2019/20 Premier League chart, Manchester City quickly showed their determination to overthrow The Kop by recruiting two new recruits Ferran Torres and Nathan Ake.

Nathan Ake: How would Bournemouth defender improve Manchester City ...

Talking about Nathan Ake, the reason for The Citizens to bring him back to Etihad is that last season, the center-back position was clearly the biggest weakness in Pep Guardiola’s system. And even with Aymeric Laporte back, loopholes in City’s defense remain, even in their victory over Real Madrid.
Obviously, City fans expect Ake to be Laporte’s perfect partner and shine brightly in the 2020/21 season. However, according to former player Paul Merson, he is not too optimistic about the deal:

Paul Merson nói về ake và city - Bóng Đá

He might not be suitable for City as many people think. The city isn’t the biggest football team in the world either. “
“Sometimes they get stuck in fixed situations, and Ake isn’t going to help them improve this.”
“Never before have we seen him show leadership qualities at Bournemouth. The lack of organization in the defense has cost Bournemouth a lot of points, and it’s not Eddie Howe’s fault alone.”

Arsenal agree to recruit Coutinho on one condition

Coutinho, 28, looks set to leave Barca this summer after failing to prove his worth of £ 130 million at the club. The Brazilian was loaned out to Barcelona by Bayern Munich in the 2019/20 season and made a promising start in Germany. But after that, the injury prevented him from being trusted by Gray Lobster.

Arsenal could agree Philippe Coutinho transfer on one condition - Bóng Đá

From the UK, many clubs like Arsenal, Chelsea, Leicester, and Newcastle have all been linked with a move for Coutinho.
Gunners have limited money to spend aggressively in the transfer market. And according to The Mail, Arsenal can sign Coutinho on loan this summer, on one condition, that Barcelona is not included in the terms that force the Emirates Stadium to buy.

Tin bóng đá 1-8: Arsenal ký Coutinho giá bèo, Mbappe cần 'phép màu'

Coutinho’s representative, Kia Joorabchian, has admitted the former Liverpool conductor wants to return to the Premier League.
“It’s no secret, he wants to return to the Premier League,” Joorabchian said. “Everything is still open. There is a lot of real interest.
Because the Champions League will run until August 23, players like Coutinho will have difficulty making any commitments or steps before that date. “
According to the Mirror, BLD Barcelona is ready for Coutinho to land at the Emirates Stadium for only 9 million pounds in case the London team agrees to exchange Matteo Guendouzi.

Identify 4 Premier League teams to win tickets to the Champions League

After Liverpool and Man City, the last two names in the top 4 of the Premier League and tickets to the Champions League next season have been identified.
Round 38 of the Premier League took place with extremely unpredictable scenarios. Apart from Liverpool and Man City, who were firmly in the top two positions, the three teams behind MU, Chelsea, and Leicester all spent 90 minutes as strings to win the remaining 2 tickets to the Champions League season. after.
At home, having to welcome the sixth-ranked team Wolves, Chelsea has encountered many difficulties in full time. However, with the level of the big man, Frank Lampard’s teachers and students have achieved what they need when defeating the opponent with a score of 2-0.


In the same game between Leicester and MU, both gave 90 attractive minutes to suffocate. Leicester did not play badly but a bit of luck helped MU is the last fun team. 3 points on the foreign land, MU finished 3rd place and officially got tickets to the Champions League next season.


4 Premier League teams have tickets to the Champions League: Liverpool, Man City, MU, Chelsea.

Type Man United, Lampard said a word about De Gea

This morning, all attention in the land of the fog is on Wembley, where the FA Cup semi-final between Chelsea and Manchester United takes place.
The score opened to the Blues at the end of the first half, after the situation of cutting off Olivier Giroud’s finish. After the break, the West London representative continued to get another goal. Taking advantage of a mistake by Brandon Williams, Mason Mount takes a shot down David De Gea.
In the 74th minute, De Gea had to pick up the ball for the third time, after an own goal from captain Harry Maguire. In the remaining time, the Reds only scored 1 goal from Bruno Fernandes’s penalty shot. Losing 1-3, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s teachers and pity were eliminated.

Frank Lampard ordered Mason Mount to change his shooting style before David De Gea’s error in Chelsea’s win over Manchester United   - Bóng Đá

After the match, De Gea was subjected to criticism for failing to prevent the second goal. When asked if he had special instructions to students to exploit the unstable form of United, coach Frank Lampard answered. Metro: “That’s not it. Because I have great respect for De Gea as a goalkeeper.”
“I know people are strict and will always look at goalkeepers when they make a mistake, but all I told Mason [Mount] during the break was that I wanted to see him shoot harder. In the first half. “Mason tried to curl the ball. For me outside the box in front of the top like De Gea, you have to shoot straight through them.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer ký hợp đồng 3 năm với Man Utd

Of course, De Gea didn’t block the glare and the ball into the net, maybe a mistake, but my job is to pay more attention to my players. With Mason, I just want him to shoot more. Luckily 3 minutes after I said that, he scored. “

Fiery English Premier League rankings: Leicester lost miserably, MU entered the top 3 tonight?

The 35th round of the Premier League saw crazy things in the top 4. race. Both Chelsea and Leicester were judged to have a great chance to win but both lost heavily.

Chelsea lost 3-3 at Sheffield United. And with just points against Bournemouth, Leicester will return to the familiar third place in the English Premier League. “Foxes” started the match perfectly, with the goal opening in the 23rd minute thanks to Jamie Vardy.

Rực lửa BXH Ngoại hạng Anh: Leicester thua thảm, MU vào top 3 đêm nay? - 1

But the second half with unexpected developments completely changed the course of the match. It originated from the goal kick of goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel in the 64th minute and Leicester conceded 4 goals in a row. Losing 1-4, Leicester not only does not surpass Chelsea but is in danger of falling out of the top 4 tonight.
In the Premier League rankings, Chelsea temporarily still ranked third with 60 points. Leicester followed with 59 points, while MU ranked fifth with 58 points. However, this ranking will have a significant change if MU wins Southampton in the match that takes place at 2h on 14/7. In case MU wins Southampton, “Reds” from the fifth will jump up 2 steps to third, replacing Chelsea and knocking Leicester out of the top 4.
If MU only draws Southampton, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team is still outside the top 4. They will have the same 59 points as Leicester but are inferior indifference, and 1 point behind Chelsea. The order in the top 4 races will not change with this case or MU lost to Southampton.

Rực lửa BXH Ngoại hạng Anh: Leicester thua thảm, MU vào top 3 đêm nay? - 2

With the above developments, the top 4 Premier League race this season promises to be attractive until the final round. in round 38, MU as a guest on Leicester’s own field Therefore, everything became even more unpredictable.